Property Management

  • Develop and maintain good relations with each Tenant in order to efficiently handle Lease administration as well as day to day Tenant calls.
  • Maintain accurate and current Rent Roll and collections.
  • Vendor Contracts are constantly monitored to retain the best service for the best price.
  • Construction Management of Tenant build-outs and Owner construction projects.  Experience includes everything from fresh coat of paint and carpet to $6 million for single Tenant build-out including cafeteria, production studio, and state of the art high security conference room.
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting for Property level Revenue and expenditures.  Annual Budget Preparation; Calculating and Invoicing Tenants for Expense Sharing Escalations.

Lakeshore Commercial Services Corporation
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Corpus Christi TX 78426
361-991-5300 –  office

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